Kite Zoe
Name   -   Zoe
Color   -   White
Race   -   Black-shouldered Kite
Friends   -   Sekhuru (adoptive father) Kai (boyfriend)
Enemies   -   Budzo
Sex   -   Female
Voiced by   -   Abigail Breslin

Zoe is the deuteragonist in the animated film Zambezia. She is Sekhuru's adopted daughter and his natural successor and Kai's love interess later girlfriend, She has a strong sense of fairness and community but tends to take herself a little too seriously.

When Budzo took over zambezia a long time ago, Zoe was still in her little egg, but Tendai wasn't having it, and with baby Kai he escaped to katungu. Later, when Budzo was defeated Sekhuru found Zoe and adopted her. When Kai returned to Zambezia long from that moment, Zoe classed him as her hero.

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