Falcon Tendai
Name   -   Tendai
Color   -   Brown
Race   -   Peregrine Falcon
Friends   -   Kai (son), Amay (wife; deceased) Sekhuru (old friend)
Enemies   -   Budzo
Sex   -   Male
Voiced by   -   Samuel L. Jackson

Tendai is the father of Kai in the animated film Zambezia. He is a great warrior and a strong-willed, devoted father to Kai who is misguided by the fear of losing his son.

Tendai was going to be voiced by Phil LaMarr, but this wasn't true so Samuel L. Jackson voiced him.


Tendai is very overprotective of his son Kai. He teaches his son Kai flying lessons to capture a lizard. He is later captured by the marabou storks and Kai and his allies began rescuing him being caged by the storks.

Tendai and Kai are later seen returning to Zambezia after defeating Budzo and his army of lizards, which makes his father reform to Kai as a misunderstanding.


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