Name   -   Kai
Color   -   Blue, White, Yellow
Race   -   Peregrine falcon
Friends   -   Tendai (father), Zoe (girlfriend), Gogo, Ezee, Tini, Cecil, Morton
Enemies   -   Budzo,Cecil (former)
Sex   -   Male
Voiced by   -   Jeremy Suarez

Kai is the main protagonist of the animated film Zambezia. He is a brave, high-spirited young falcon with an impulsive, daredevil streak that often gets him into trouble.


When Kai was young, his mother died and Tendai was overprotective or him was going to the place he ever had. He dreams of freedom, much to the dismay of his father. He goes off to join the Hurricanes, the most fearless falcon warriors in Africa, and arrives at the city of Zambezia. There, he meets some unlikely friends, from the chief's spirited daughter, Zoe, and the Hurricanes themselves, to the hearty citizens. When his father is captured by bandits, led by the menacing lizard Budzo, Kai is determined to save him and Zambezia from an invasion. Kai was able to do so and flew from the waterfall after defeating Budzo.


Kai is a Blue Bird with Green Eyes, Yellow Eyelids, Long Wings, White Blocker Ears, Orangeish-Yellow Beak, and Yellowish Feet With 3 Toes.