Species           African Elephant
       Gender              Male
       Race               African
   Spoken Language        English

     Elson was an elephant and the leader of a massive herd of animals in Africa in the animated films Adventures in Zambezia and Zambia: The Tale of the Herd Leader. He first appeared on the savannah trying to walk on Kai, but he fails. He is a lone elephant in Adventures in Zambezia that only appears when he tries to trample Kai, but fails. He does appear at the end of the film though as the faze tracker in the background, and he is chased by Shadow the black panther.

     Elson was the biggest animal in Adventures in Zambezia, and his right ear can be seen behind Budzo as he speaks to the marabous about taking over the city. He is very brave but cowardly, and he almost stepped on Budzo as he was speaking. His eye was also seen there. His tusks are 3 feet long, his trunk 6. His legs were 8 feet tall, making him an incredibly enormous elephant. His ears were the biggest part on his head, besides his skull. 

      Elson also made a brief cameo at the middle of the movie, where his head was poking out from behind a stick. He does not appear until the end. And, surprisingly, he never speaks throughout the movie. He only trumpets, and screams as he is chased by Shadow.