Name   -   Budzo
Race   -   Rock Monitor
Sex   -   Male
Voiced by   -   Jim Cummings

Budzo is the main antagonist in the animated film Zambezia. He is a large rock monitor who is known for having marabou storks as his workers.


Budzo is a sinister monitor lizard who forces birds to work for him and is intent on taking over Zambezia. He is responsible for the death of Kai's mother, which is why Kai's father is overprotective of him. Budzo and his henchmen kidnap Kai's father and he won't let anything stand in his way. When he finally succeeds in taking over Zambezia after Kai saves his dad, Budzo betrays his henchmen and unleashes his army of lizards. He is finally defeated when Kai and his girlfriend, Zoe, push him over the edge of a waterfall.

But that fall did not kill him, he fell and got onto a rock.

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